Reasons to run a 24hr Endurance Event

Endure24 was a great weekend away and the friendliest 24hr event I have ever done. If anyone fancies running in a team then I would highly recommend this event. It’s not too far away, you can run as a solo, or as a relay … so in a pair (2 in a team), a small team (max 5 in a team) or a large team (max 8 in a team). Obviously there is a possibility you will have to run at night, but this event is on a private estate and the whole course remains marshalled with radios, and with a good head torch it’s actually a really calm and peaceful experience. There are loads of other runners out too and the solos really appreciate the company.

  • It’s just like going to Glastonbury but with a running theme.
  • Everyone you see smiles and talks to you like you’ve always known them. You’ll probably never see them again but you’ll know where their parents met and what their favourite drink is!
  • You come away with a new admiration for people who give up their time to marshal and volunteer. And come and empty the toilets.
  • Your head will become clearer than a crisp autumn morning and you’ll come away feeling like you’ve been in therapy!
  • The camaraderie between team mates and crew is special; like a promise that will never be forgotten.
  • You get to eat ALL the food.
  • Never does an ordinary cup of tea taste sooooooooooooooooooooo good!
  • You can trade food for toilet roll 🙂
  • You get to walk up hills without feeling like a failure.
  • You get to run super slow. And it’s perfectly acceptable!
  • You become an expert in head torches.
  • You’ll understand why nail varnish was invented. (You may lose a toenail. Or two).
  • You witness some incredible human beings doing some incredible things.
  • And then you realise that yes, they are incredible, but they are just that. Human.
  • Then you start to think … “what if???”

Endure 24