We have three sessions a week. These sessions consist of either one or two routes that vary in distance from between 3 to 6 miles. The sessions may also include other activities such as relays, hills and boot camp. When you become a member you’ll receive an email every Monday morning with what sessions are planned for the week ahead.

During the year we also organise various courses including two 10 week courses that are held side by side on a Thursday evening – ‘Learn 2 Run’ and ’10week to 10km’. The first is a beginners course for ladies who have never run before and the aim is to complete a 5km route on week 10. The second is an improvers course for ladies who would like to increase their distance and the aim is to complete a 10km route on week 10. Courses cost £20 for 10 weeks.

Tuesday – 7pm: Two routes – 3 to 3.5 miles and 4 to 6 miles
Thursday – 7pm: As well as the ‘Learn2Run’ and ’10wk 2 10k’ courses there is also one 3 to 5 mile route
Sunday – 8.30am: Two routes – 3 to 3.5 miles and 5 to 11 miles

Meet outside Leamington Spa Library (Pump Rooms)

A lifetime membership to Regency Runners costs £35.00. This can be paid via cash, cheque, paypal through the website or directly into our bank account (details below). We then have two tiers of payment for each session you attend:

Tier 1

Pay just £2.50 per week and you can come to as many sessions in a week as you’d like. We ask that this is paid monthly into our bank account by way of standing order:

Sort code: 30-99-15
Account number: 19494060
Amount to be paid: £10.85 per calendar month

Tier 2

Pay as you go so each time you come to a session you pay £3.00 (for runs less than 6 miles) or £4.00 (for runs more than 6 miles).