Monthly Archives: February 2016

January Run Streak

During January some of our ladies accepted the challenge of a run streak. This involved running a minimum of 1 mile everyday for the whole of January. Congratulations to them all, and to two Regency Runners who completed a similar Advent Run Streak the month before. Everyone entered into the spirit of it and smashed the challenge. January is a tough month but our eight stalwarts managed to get out everyday, come rain or shine, clocking up an amazing 826 miles between them!!

This sort of challenge is about more than just running. It’s about commitment, motivation, mutual support and encouragement. Read what some of the streakers had to say after it was over:

“You can always find time for a run when you have to!
Bad runs happen – and they’re not necessarily the long, hilly runs
New kit is very motivating (and necessary, to save you from endless laundry)
A lot of running is mind over matter
Heavy legs are an actual thing – I had no idea!
The foam roller is an amazing (but very painful) thing
Slow runs are a good thing”


“I couldn’t have done it without the support of the RR ladies and my fellow streakers. Knowing that others were facing the same challenges, reading and chatting through our good days and not so good days, seeing that someone took a moment to give you kudos on Strava all made a huge difference. So thanks to everyone, streaking or not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love this group – you are all totally awesome!!”


“Saying it out loud on social media makes you much more committed to doing it
It doesn’t rain as much as I think
Knowing that others are doing the same thing, even if you aren’t running with them, makes a huge difference to your motivation”


“In a strange kind of way, I enjoyed it but have to admit that there were a few days when I was really tired and I nearly gave up. However, looking on Facebook and seeing comments from those that already done it that day gave me the encouragement to go out and do it.”


“Well chuffed to have finished the challenge of getting out everyday. Day 13 was the hardest but actually streaking was not to bad. I’ve discovered I’m a lot more determined than I think and it’s a real leg shaper … hello knees and ankles! This group is amazing and the support from everyone is what keeps me going both virtual and in real life.”


“What I already knew about running but had forgotten:
I love it
90% of running is in your head
I really don’t mind running in the rain
The hardest part of my run is getting changed.
The runners in RR give me as much if not more support than I give them as a leader”